workshop11 is Stephen Shum's latest creative outlet for residential design and construction as well as the fabrication of furniture and hardware.  Stephen began producing works in 1992 as a student of Architecture in Boulder, Colorado. Soon after Graduating with a Master's Degree in Architecture, he opened DCWORKS, Inc., a design studio in Denver, Colorado.  Here he began applying his Architecture background and Construction knowledge to the design and fabrication of custom furniture and interiors for the surrounding loft buildings. 

After Returning to the Washington, D.C. area in 2005, Stephen began working with a local developer and some of the areas leading Architects as both a Designer and Project Manager, constructing Residential and Commercial projects. 

Although Workshop11 is a design construct firm, collaborations with other designers and Architects are welcomed. Working as a Collective can be very productive and rewarding, as exemplified in the work on the Pyle Residence designed by William Feeney Architects.

With a small studio, workshop11 not only has the ability to Design and Construct buildings, but adds the capability of Fabricating many of the custom design elements, that can take those works to 11.



all photographs by Shawn Lortie Photograpy